CCTV and Electrical Contractors

We can offer an extensive range of lighting solutions for all manor of problems. We can supply temporary lighting rigs for special events, rapid deployment systems for urgent cases and a full range of external flood lighting systems.

We also have a special range of energy saving fittings and lamps. We can even replace high energy lamps with low energy lamps without changing the fitting saving you money not only on your reduced electricity bill but by removing the need to replace the fittings.

We also offer the next generation of LED lighting. A typical energy saving lamp may consume 20w of power. This in itself is a huge reduction from the 100w/250w/500w older type of lamp. However, newer LED lamps of the same light output (measured in lux) can operate at 0.3w.
That is a reduction of 98.5% compared to a typical new energy saving lamp.

For more information on the full range of lighting services we offer, call us on 01928 589 120 or email us and start saving today.

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